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The SNES Cartridge Part 3
The SNES Cartridge Part 3
Anders Lindqvist (breakin)

The frankenchord is finished. Should be able to insert SNES-cartridge in one end (the black socket) and connect the cables on the other end to a breadboard. Quite happy that I've finished it. Or well.. finished and finished... Cables keep falling up and I have to re-solder them, but apart from that is is perfectish!

Here is is in all its glory:

The cable

I tried to color code based on the function of the cables, but I'm not 100% sure that the information on pins I've got isn't upside down. If I got it right it should be black for ground, red for +5V DC, green for data, blue/purple for adress and yellow for general command stuff (reset, clock, write, CIC etc). There are 46 cables, but shadows make it look like there are even more!

edit: It is impossible to get it upside-down, it is the same either way you look at it!

Here is a close up of the soldering:

Closeup of soldering

Time to rest.

edit: While sexy and functional it was quite hard to work with this cable due to the stiff wires. I've made a new cable now that will be described on the project page for the finished extractor.