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Anders Lindqvist (breakin)

I finished the Velleman kit that I got to practice soldering. Four LED's are supposed to lights up when a microphone picks up sound. Sensitivity can be controlled via a knob! Suprisingly it worked flawlessy once I connected the battery. I guess that means it was forgiving!

I don't understand how it works - I priortizied learning soldering - but I will try later. It has some components I'm not that familiar with (capacitors, transitors, ...) that I should learn but I'll continue understanding resistors and ohm's law first...!

I made one mistake. There was 4 transitors and I didn't noticed that one was different so two were in the wrong place. I had to de-solder which was a good experience. I used a “tennsug” (the swedish word, perhaps the english name is “tinsuck”) that sucks up the tin. I'm not sure I liked it. There is another device (some sort of net) that I think is more userfriendly. I also had to de-solder one capacitor and then move it sideways because things got crowded up top!





Proof that is is working!


And the other side where I did all the dirty soldering...

Dirty secrets